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An European Training Programm for Coaches

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COACH-IT develops a user-driven, evidence-based and recognised training program, that provides those that are active as coaches, with the knowledge, skills and competencies to develop their online coaching services, while at the same time ensuring (or increasing) the quality of the intervention and taking into account the needs of their clients.
The main target groups are the prospective coaches and already active coaches, who will benefit from the courses developed under the project as their skills and competencies around online coaching, and the provision of online coaching services will be enhanced. The program addresses what skills are needed for online coaching, how to define your coaching presence and particularly, how to coach online in a meaningful way for the clients. This will have a strong impact on the competitiveness of coaches and their professional development. At the same time, it will allow them to be better prepared to address a broader market and increase their marketability., as they will be better adapted to the emerging trends and demands from a digitalized (post-pandemic) society.

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Using the materials and content developed in COACH-IT prospective and existing coaches gain skills and competencies to capture the benefits of the online coaching format: to obtain a large and diverse client base and to provide high-quality services. A successful program must be grounded in reality, i.e. based on the needs and expectations of the target audience, and is in line with the realities of coaching in a post-pandemic and increasingly digitalized society. The PR1 Compendium & Curriculum enables the identification and analysis of the context of coaching in general and of coaching over the internet, existing practice and skills gaps, and the creation of the learning approach and objectives for the PR2 Training Programme. As previously indicated, ensuring the quality of online coaching services and making sure the clients receive the services they need requires a more formal recognition of coach skills, so that potential clients can identify those coaches who can provide quality online coaching. As a result, PR3 sets up a framework for recognizing the skills acquired, both across the participating ICF chapters, as well as for transferring this recognition on a European or even global level, not only during but even after the project lifetime. The potential transference of the COACH-IT qualification into regular coaching programs as well as other vocational training programs is considered to ensure that the COACH-IT qualification remains of high quality even in the long run.

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The main target groups for the COACH-IT project can be summarized as follows:

  • Active and future coaches that want to enhance their skills and competencies related to online coaching and by that offering a superior experience to their clients;-

  • Coach training institutes that are interested in enhancing the range of courses that their participants should be aware of;

  • Board members of coaching associations, interested in recognizing formally the skills acquired by the coaches that have successfully participated in the training programme and in keeping the skillset and programme up to date.

  • Relevant stakeholders are:

    • (C-)VET institutions that provide training and education to act as well as future coaches.

    • Policymakers and other stakeholders who have an influence on the coaching profession and the recognition of related skills and qualifications.

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The first pillar of the project is gaining a thorough understanding of the digital skills needed and looked for in the future that support will support coaching.

Part of that was done via extensive desk research, that will be complemented by a survey addressing the entire coaching community.

We would appreciate your support in filling it in. You can use the link below to access the online survey.


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